The Moncada di Sicilia represent the Italian lineage of the noble Moncada dynasty, distinct from the Spanish one from which it derives, and founded at the end of the 13th century by Guglielmo Raimondo di Moncada dei Baroni di Aitona, who arrived in Sicily for the War of the Vespers. The MONCADA® optical roots were first planted in Sicily by Grazia Moncada with the first MONCADA® boutique, the result of her passion for beauty and handcrafted eyewear. Grazia's grandson Andrea continued the family saga and, after spending 10 years in Paris as designer, came back to his roots. Interested in street culture, design and sustainability, Andrea choosed inclusivity over exclusivity and started designing luxury handcrafted eyewear with a sustainable and affordable approach. Cambia il modo in cui vedi le cose e le cose che vedi cambieranno.

Moncada Eyewear