Material selection is at the very core of MONCADA®.
The best Italian cellulose acetate is sourced in order to ensure the maximum durability.


Cellulose acetate is sustainable, hypoallergenic, lightweight and strong.
Which is why it is considered the top quality material for eyewear.
All sunglasses frames feature a metal wire core construction, visible inside the temple.
Each eyewear is subjected to the most strict quality control from MONCADA®.


Every piece requires around 60 steps until completion and is expertly handcrafted, from Italian acetate, in our factory in Wenzhou, that has been a part of the family for years.


Sunglasses or shades handcrafted by an expert


To date, according to reports from the European Environment Agency (EEA),
transport consumes one third of all final energy.

And since this energy comes almost exclusively from oil,
the association between transport, emissions and pollution becomes very clear.

To skip all useless, harmful and costly logistics, we sell directly to you with no involvement with a middle man such as an intermediary, a wholesaler, a retailer, an agent, or a reseller.



MONCADA® cares deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. Premium quality and luxury don't need to be exclusive and harmful for the planet. We stand for inclusivity and sustainability. To follow our mission we chose the partnership of @onetreeplanted and we plant a tree for each pair sold.


Be part of the family, get your stunning pair and proudly plant your tree.